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TSM2500 x2 and Charge Controller

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TSM2500 x2 and Charge ControllerTSM2500 x2 and Charge Controller

TSM2500 x2 and Charge Controller


Features Include:

-All charge parameters are user-configurable in the EVCC via text interface
-Integrates with Dilithium BMSC to make a complete battery solution
-Output available for operator alerts, driveaway protection and other system functions
-Loop input feature allows charge interrupts via charge disable outputs from other BMS manufacturers
-Configurable charge profiles for different charge configurations, power sources or SOC requirements
-Comes with an LED/Buzzer for operator alerts



TSM2500 x2 and Charge Controller

This system includes TWO of the TSM2500 chargers and one EVCC Charge Controller for twice the current output.

The Thunderstruck canbus controlled charger and EVCC (EV charge controller) create a user-configurable charging solution for almost any pack. If you change your battery pack configuration you don’t need to pay someone to do it for you.

This charging system integrates charger CANBUS control and J1772 functionality (if selected above). The EVCC has a compact enclosure with easy to use connectors and 4′ lengths of wire. Charge parameters such as maximum voltage, maximum current, and total charge time are configured and saved for use when charging with a CAN enabled charger.

Each charger has an 11″ x 9″ footprint and weighs 11 pounds. Maximum output depends on model (see chart). Works with either 110 or 220V input. Waterproof to IP66 standards. Need more power? Up to four chargers can be put in parallel for quicker charging!

We will happily pre-configure the EVCC for you to help simplify your project setup. Provide battery chemistry, series cell count and amp hour rating if pre-configuration is requested.



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