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NEW 2022 POLARIS 650 INDY XC 129

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NEW 2022 POLARIS 650 INDY XC 129


Condition: New
Year: 2022
Make: Polaris
Model: 650 Indy XC 129 Factory Choice
Type: Snowmobile
Color: Indy Red / Gloss Black / White Lightning

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NEW 2022 POLARIS 650 INDY XC 129

The INDY XC brings legendary performance and handling on the rider-first Matryx platform. The INDY XC 129 delivers precise corner to corner handling with the smooth and powerful 650 Patriot.


  • FOX QS3: High-performance, adjustable, and rebuildable FOX® QS3 Clicker shocks offer easy pre-ride adjustability and deliver outstanding performance on- and off-trail. The remote reservoir promotes heat dissipation and ensures consistently outstanding performance in all riding conditions.
  • SNOCROSS-INSPIRED COCKPIT: Narrower Cockpit – 4.8” narrower console and 3” narrower at the knees, creates a more mobile rider experience allowing full freedom of movement for effortless control. Maximized Wind Protection & Minimal Drag – Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) design tools ensure maximum wind protection and minimal drag for a warmer, more comfortable ride. Sculpted Side Panels – Opens a dimension of rider mobility allowing the rider to move around the sled rather being confined by it. Wind Protection – Improved leg and lower body comfort and protection. Enhanced windshield design for hand protection and less wind buffeting. Updated geometry for improved aerodynamics.
  • INDUSTRY-LEADING RACE IFS AND PRO-CC SUSPENSION: The Polaris Race IFS delivers the perfect balance of effort, precision & zero-bump- steer-stability to deliver ultimate handling and control. The PRO-CC Rear Suspension is the next generation rear suspension from Polaris and provides the industry’s best acceleration, handling, and consistently smooth ride. The rear skid’s coupled design controls pitch through geometry without reducing the fun factor. The front torque arm is calibrated for trail compliance without bottoming.


  • PATRIOT ENGINES: The proven Patriot Engine architecture delivers outstanding durability, refined run quality, and an instant throttle response.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM AND CARBON FIBER CHASSIS: Lightweight body and frame with unmatched rigidity and durability.


  • INTEGRATED STORAGE: Integrated StorageStorage comes standard under the seat and behind the gauge with additional accessory storage options available for greater versatility. The standard integrated under seat storage provides 8.1 Liters of storage space with the behind the gauge offering and additional 7.6 Liters.
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE SMARTWARMERS: Build heat quickly and maintain your customized temperature regardless of the temperature outside. Enhance your ride further by setting thumb vs. hand heat range for an even more customized level of comfort.


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