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EZGO PDS-DCS 36v – AMD Speed Motor 2000-Up

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EZGO PDS-DCS 36v – AMD Speed Motor 2000-Up




2000-Up EZGO PDS-DCS 36v – AMD Speed Motor

When your golf cart is stock, you can expect to get 12-15 mph depending on the batteries’ condition and the cart’s overall health. That’s just not enough speed if you ask us. We have a need, and it can only be satisfied by one thing. Pure, unadulterated power in the form of momentum is what we are after; AMD is prepared to deliver it with the Speed Motor for EZGO PDS and DCS drive systems. The antique DCS systems can be impossible to find parts for; even those can use this motor without additional conversions or rewiring.

This motor will look and hook up the exact same way that the OEM one did. You will notice the difference the first time you push the pedal. This unit is compatible with the stock controller; if you want to maximize the performance, this cart can output, pair a 500 amp aftermarket Curtis Controller with it, and really fly. Just call one of our sales staff to make sure you get everything you need.

AMD 36-volt (4.45-hp@3570 rpm) speed motor
Compatible with stock controller
Fits E-Z-GO PDS / DCS 36-Volt 2000-Up
Use cable #3228 with OEM, Curtis and GE controllers (not needed with Alltrax controllers)
Replaces OEM Number(s):


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