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Commercial Golf Cart Battery Recovery Unit For Sale



Industrial Golf Cart Battery Recovery Unit Works With 24-72 Volt Systems

This device is designed to bring back a bank of batteries found in like a golf cart Rv or boat that are completely dead and the designated battery charger will not turn on to charge the batteries because they are so dead it is not picking up or sensing voltage. Designed for the golf cart industry specifically this golf cart battery recovery unit can make easy work out of those pesky house calls or service calls where the customer or golf cart owner has allowed the batteries in his/her golf cart to go completely dead.

The Pete’s Super Charger is designed to attach directly to the positive and negative most terminals in the vehicle application. Whether it is 24 volt, 36 volt, 42 volt, 48 volt, 64 volt or 72 volt vehicle. Attach existing golf cart charger to the charge receptacle and plug into the designated AC power supply, confirm it has good power to the unit. Then plug in The Super Charger to AC power supply. Push the energize button and BAM, POW, WOW!!! Instant voltage to trick your designated golf cart battery charger to start a new charge cycle. Quick, easy and painless…. Sure beats the alternative to charging the batteries back up individually. If you still would like to go through this lengthy process but do not know how to do it – Checkout this How To Article. 


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