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2022 Advanced EV Advent 6L (Metallic Red)

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2022 Advanced EV Advent 6L (Metallic Red)


Condition: New
Year: 2022
Make: Advanced EV
Model: Advent 6L Metallic Red
Power Type: Electric
Motor Type: AC Motor 48V/5KW
Motor Controller: 440A Toyota Controller
Seating Capacity: 6 Passenger
Charging System: Pro Charging Systems Onboard Charger 48V/15A
Battery Charger Type: 6 US8VGCXC Batteries


2022 Advanced EV Advent 6L in Red featuring the Luxe seating upgrade, Tinted windshield, underbody lighting, and a 100X Advanced Li Lithium battery pack. This car comes standard with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty covering parts and labor. Come find out what makes the Advent different from everything else.


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